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Business finance for Welsh SMEs

Finance Wales has funds available to invest in viable Welsh SMEs

(both B2B and B2C) with a sound business plan and high growth potential.

Investment for a range of needs

We can help with short or long-term growth funding needs:

Understanding your requirements

Finance Wales has a flexible approach and reviews each application or business plan on an individual basis.  Once we understand your investment needs in more detail we can provide:

We work with business owners and managers to understand their growth requirements so we can tailor our investments to suit individual businesses’ growth plans.  We can consider unsecured and cash flow-based investments.  Finance Wales also works with other investors to ensure that an SME has the investment it needs.

Additional investment as your business grows

We develop long-term relationships with the businesses we invest in and we’ll be there to provide further investment and additional working capital as businesses grow.

If a business has realistic plans to grow, the right deal structure can have a huge impact on future success and also act as a catalyst for other funding.

Mike OwenGroup Investment Director

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