Manufacturing and technology leaders to discuss access to funding

Key SME investors, including Finance Wales, Lloyds TSB, Pera Technology and the Business Growth Fund will speak at an upcoming seminar about funding for growth.

Speakers will include:

  • Martin Avison, Head of Financial Channels at Pera Technology, will discuss innovation grant funding.
  • Ned Dorbin, Senior Investment Manager at the Business Growth Fund, will discuss equity funding for growth.
  • Chris Griffiths, Deputy Fund Manager at Finance Wales will discuss the importance of getting the right funding at the right time.
  • Mike Hayden, Corporate Director at Barclays Corporate will discuss debt funding for growth.

The seminar is open to CEOs of manufacturing and technology businesses turning over more than £4 million.

To find out more and to register visit http://fsc.pera.com/funding-landscape.php.