More capital for more businesses

Finance Wales can potentially invest in more SMEs from the £40 million Wales SME Investment Fund.

The Wales SME Investment Fund has made an additional £40 million available for Finance Wales to invest in growing Welsh SMEs. It complements our existing funds and we currently have £100 million to invest in Wales. Accessing finance remains an issue for many SMEs, so this fund is exciting news.

New sectors to invest in

Finance Wales’ investments are now open to a wider range of SMEs because the new fund has fewer sector and other restrictions than our other funds. This means we can consider applications from SMEs who provide goods and services to consumers, such as in the retail and professional services sectors, for instance. We can structure debt, mezzanine and equity investments from £50,000 to £3 million from the Fund. We also invest additional rounds as businesses grow.

Contact us to find out if we could invest in your client’s business.

Flexible investments

Whether your client needs capital for long-term expansion; balance sheet re-building or to finance a shorter-term project, we can consider it. We aim to be flexible when we invest and will consider unsecured and cash flow-based deals. We can also work with banks and other asset lenders to come up with the right funding package. We know that a timely, well-structured investment can smooth the growth path.