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Investment impact

Finance Wales supports the Welsh Government’s vision of a strong Welsh economy where businesses grow and create jobs.

We invest in micro, small and medium-sized businesses based throughout Wales operating in a wide range of sectors and we’ve backed businesses with over 3,700 investments since we were established in 2001.

We work with them to understand their long-term growth plans and invest in them.  Our investments impact the Welsh economy in a number of ways.

Economic impact

Our impact on the Welsh economy increased to over £1 billion.

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Job creation

Since we were established, our investments have helped Welsh SMEs create or safeguard more than 46,298 jobs:

  • 19,100 new jobs.
  • 27,198 existing jobs safeguarded.

(Figures as of 30/06/17)

Responsible investment

Finance Wales is a responsible investor and we encourage the SMEs we invest in to become sustainable by embracing responsible business practices.

Read more about our approach to responsible investment.

We manage 11 funds including the £454 million Help to Buy-Wales Scheme.