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What we do

Finance Wales makes commercial investments in small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) based in Wales or willing to relocate.

Finance for Welsh SMEs

We can invest from £1,000 to £3 million at a time in SMEs based throughout Wales from a number of investment funds and can invest up to a total of £5 million in one SME.

Our loan repayment terms range from one to five years and our interest rates are based on an SME's individual circumstances and fixed for the term of the loan.

Flexible finance

Whether you’re starting a business, at an early stage, seeking expansion or looking to buy into a business we can help. We can provide:

  • Micro loans
  • Technology venture investment
  • Business loans or debt investment
  • Equity investments
  • Mezzanine investments

We can provide short-term project finance, longer-term growth finance as well as follow on investment and additional working capital as the business grows.

For information about the type of investment your business could benefit from visit the funding needs section.

We encourage businesses not to pre-judge what they need. We prefer to look at their particular requirements in detail and come up with a funding package that suits these requirements. By doing this we can be confident that they'll have a better chance of success.

Mike OwenGroup Investment Director

Building profitable relationships

We work with business owners and managers to understand their growth requirements so we can tailor our investments to suit individual businesses’ growth plans. We also work with other investors to ensure that an SME has the investment it needs.

Our investment is the beginning of a long-term relationship. Combining an ambitious business plan with our capital and expertise we can smooth the growth path and help your business reach its potential.

Who we work with

We work with Wales-based SMEs and their advisors as well as other co-investors such as banks, business angels and venture capital funds across a wide range of sectors.


Contact us

To enquire about investment from Finance Wales please contact us

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