Your business plan

You will need a business plan that demonstrates a strong business case for investment.

The amount of detail in your plan depends on the size of investment you apply for.

  • Up to £50,000: a two-year business plan
  • Over £50,000: a business plan of up to three years (contact us for further information).

Your business plan is your opportunity to:

  • Quantify your business' growth
  • Explain why you need investment
  • Describe how you'll invest our money

We recommend you work with a professional adviser when writing your business plan. It should include information on:                         

Product or service

  • What is your core product’s USP?
  • Does your core product have IP or patent protection?
  • What is your core product’s route to market?

Market demand

  • Who is your target market and how do you position your product/company to them?
  • What evidence can you present about your relationships with established or potential customers?
  • Who are your key competitors?
  • What do you see as their USP?

Growth and exit potential

  • How will your turnover and profit grow? Please include your financial forecasts; we need to be assured of a return on our investment.
  • What is your exit strategy? Let us know your expected time and route to exit and potential company valuation.

Management expertise

  • Do your managers have experience in establishing or running a business?
  • What other experience do they have?
  • Why are they the best people to run the business?
  • Do you have gaps in your team? Tell us, we could help.

Investment knowledge

  • Have you sought advice from an independent business adviser?
  • Have you considered funding from other sources, as part of a wider investment package?

How to apply

If your business is eligible and investment ready then you will need to complete an investment application along with the relevant documentation.

Contact us

To enquire about applying for investment from Finance Wales please contact us

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